Comics site with neat forced feminization drawings

forced sissy feminization comics and videos

Hi all, the weekend is almost here! I wanted to share with you all a really cool sissy forced sissification comics and video place called Lustomic. It’s not a pay site. Once you go to it you just make an account. Then you browse all the cool comics and videos and buy what you want. Once you do you can download everything or view it online in flash players in your account.

There are 23 different artist that make the comics, which means there’s lots of styles to choose from. The themes all have some form of forced feminization, sissyboy stuff, sissy slut training and feminine transformation. This stuff could only happen in comics! Hot guys getting forced to dress up, look like sweet girls and forced to suck dicks and get fucked by huge cocks!

forced sissy feminization comics and videos

They also have a few nice sissy slut videos that are real live, not comics. It’s hard to find videos like that. In fact you can only find this stuff at Lustomic. The quality is really good, with lots of detail and beautiful babes as well as hunky guys. So if your into forced feminization comics and videos, visit the site at You’ll love the sissy comics!

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