Crossdresser cartoons

tom and jerry crossdresser cartoons

What’s up everyone! Today I thought I’d show you some very cool crossdresser cartoons. We all love cartoons, and it’s damn hard to find any crossdressing cartoons. So I’m sure your going to love these! What’s even better is that they are your favorite weekend morning type of cartoons. I bet you never saw Ben & Jerry like this huh!

These crossdressing cartoons are made by a very talented artist that is a fellow, or should I say sister crossdresser. She loves drawing her favorite toons as being in forced feminization, or sisification. As you can see she does a fantastic job. She goes by Bathgate21 at yahoo. She just does it for fun, so don’t ask if she would make some for you.

I plan on making a whole page to display her work, as she has 30 or so of them. I want to make this site bigger and have it a real place for crossdressers to come to. So these crossdresser cartoons are a nice start. Below are three more crossdresser toons with Archie, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and teen robot.

Archie and the gang as crossdressing cartoons

Wow, is this a great crossdresser cartoon of Archie and the gang or what! I always wanted to know what Betty and Veronica looked like naked!

tom and jerry crossdresser cartoons

Oh boy, Elmer Fudd is really getting a beating from Bugs Bunny here huh! Daffy Duck does not look too happy either. What a great bugs bunny crossdresser cartoon.

teen robot crossdresser cartoons

This one is of teen robot. I have to say I don’t know much about this one, but it sure looks kinky! Imagine robots doing that huh! Another great crossdressing cartoon of teen robot.

So there you go, a taste of some great crossdresser cartoons by the very talented Bathgate21. With any luck I’ll have a cartoon page up in a week or two. I hope you had fun with these great crossdressing cartoons!


  1. i love men

  2. oh my god the tom & jerry pic made me so horny. i want to fuck tom

  3. would love to be fucked by buggs bunny in drag