Crossdresser fetish boots and high heels

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One of the things that all crossdressers love to wear are kinky fetish crossdresser boots! Nothing seems as sexy as wearing a 5 inch heel thigh high or knee high boot. The problem most run into is being able to find them in the size we crrossdressers need! Well I have been shopping at Electrique Boutique and they have most in our size!

Electrique Boutique has hundreds of different types of kinky high heels, platform shoes, thigh high boots, knee high boots and many other types of shoes and boots. They also carry them in many different colors, from black to pink, red, yellow, white and more.

But the best thing is they carry most of them up to a size 16! If you don’t know what size boot or shoe to get in a ladies size, it’s normally two sizes larger than your mens size. So most crossdressers can find the size they need at Electrique Boutique and not be disappointed.

So check them out for not only boots and high heels but also the best in naughty outfits, sex toys, corsets, wigs, lingerie and lots more at Electrique Boutique. Your sure to find something kinky you want inside!

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