Crossdresser lingerie fetish

Lana's lingerie tease

How is all my crossdressing girls doing today! Now as I said the other day, there is a lot of different crossdresser porn out there. So today I thought I’d show you another type. See that beautiful blond babe above? That’s Lana, from Lana’s lingerie tease. Some crossdressers have a clothing fetish that they love. Like maybe they want to see a hot babe in pantyhose, stockings, panties or lingerie.

The whole crossdresser draw is the items the girl is wearing. Maybe you like to dress up in pantyhose, and really get turned on seeing a girl half naked prancing around  in silky pantyhose. Or maybe satin slips is your thing. Perhaps just frilly pink panties really get you turned on, there’s lot of different clothing fetishes.

Well at Lana’s lingerie tease Lana understands all that, and does her best to satisfy you. She does each shoot in different outfits, sometimes it’s a pantyhose shoot where she puts on and takes off her smooth pantyhose. Or maybe she’s in some hot fishnet stockings, or colored solid ones.

She also does all the lingerie fetish stuff too, like slips, baby dolls, corsets, bustiers and more. Plus she always has different frilly and tiny panties on she has fun with. So if seeing a hot chick in many types of fetish lingerie is your crossdresser dream, check out Lana’s lingerie tease!


  1. love to dress up in sexy panties,stockings,mini skirts ,tease men to the point of cumming,then pull out my little boy cock and start stroking it until i shoot all over.

  2. I love to get in the shower and shave all my body hair off and rub lotion all over my body then i love to take my wifes thigh highs and put them on (black) and then i take her lingerie and it has to look cute(cause im a woman trapped in a mans body) and i put it on. Then i pick out something cute to wear like a skirt and some sexy top and i take and stuff my braw. Then i spray perfume on myself and i take her make up and put it on. Then i take some vaseline and i finger my ass then i take her rabbit and i fuck myself in the ass with it until i explode then i catch my wad in my hand and lick it up because like i said im a woman trapped in a mans body and i love to drink cum.