new forced feminization and dickgirl toons pages added

shemale sissification

Well I’ve been busy, as you can see. If you take a look in the pages menu in the left top sidebar, you’ll see that I added 3 new pages! Two are for sissyboy forced feminization type of porn, and the other one is a cool hentai and anime dickgirl cartoon page. So let me quickly tell you what you see in each one.

The forced fem picture gallery is a page filled with pictures of sissyboys getting forced feminized and strap-on fucked by both hot females and even shemales! By clicking on each picture you open a window that shows you the full gallery of that set. Lots of hot babes fucking sissie girls and shemales using their own dicks on the poor sissies!

The sissyboy porn videos is a page where you can see different shemale sissification videos available for downloading one at a time. That way you can just watch and pay for only what you want. Or, if you really like what you see you can decide to join the site that the video came from. So check it out, you’ll figure it out once you get to the page.

Finally the hentai and anime dickgirl cartoon page has lots of different dickgirl videos. Clicking on one takes you to that video where you can see short clips of that dickgirl scene. So you get some free anime dickgirl porn, and if you really like it you can join up. So, go check them out and let me know what you think. I will TRY to update them as much as I can. Enjoy!

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